Mob Rules

  • Join in - Turning up is enough - Go at your own pace

  • Keep it Confidential - What we say here, stays here (unless someone is in danger)

  • Respect others and their views - You may not know best - Everyones life and experiences vary

  • Respect yourself and the planet

  • Be Kind, Honest and Truthful to yourself and others

  • Be Patient with everyone and everything

  • Leave bravado at the door

Bad attitudes will not be tolerated.​

We are all in this together.

SUP MOB's Progression Sessions

Focus on improving yourself and your life

Develop and hone your skills

Focus on solutions, not problems

Personal Development > Forward motion only

Own yourself - Own your style - Own your situation


Find your Ikigai

What do you enjoy ?

What are you good at ?

What does the world need ?

Can it create an income ?


We like being...

Positive - Progressive - Constructive

Solution Focussed - Persistent - Dedicated

We like to...

Support & Advocate

Make a change - Start a trend


Want to start your own community project ?

Best ways to manage life

Be Clear and Concise at all times

Do not over complicate things - Simplify everything as much as possible

When speaking, ask yourself - Is it Kind, is it True, is it Necessary ?

​If there's nothing to be said/done - say/do nothing

Things to take into account in your everyday life...

You have one mind and one body - Treat them right if you want them to last.

Diet & Nutrition - What do you need ?

Routines - What works best for you ?

Exercise - What are you able to do ?

Education - What are you learning ?

Connection - Who and what are you connecting with ?

Spirituality & Grounding - What helps keep you calm and focussed ?

Mindfulness - Do you notice the small things around you, like flowers or clouds ?

Practice Intoku - Do you give when no one is watching, with no want for praise or return ?

Share - Who are you sharing your time and thoughts with ? Does it enhance your wellbeing ?

My Personal Ethos

Create Something - Explore Everything - Believe Nothing

Dedication + Persistence = Progress

Learn - Adapt - Grow


Train body and mind every day - No excuses


Task Completion > Start with an aim to finish / One at a time / Close down daily

Raw Facts

NOW is the only time that exists, not yesterday or tomorrow - Always focus on NOW

You are not special - You do not own anyone

You will find what you look for - Good or bad

Positivity breeds positivity, just as negativity breeds negativity - Choose wisely

Look for the lessons - There are lessons in everything, if you look for them

We always have choices - There are always options


Do not waste time, energy, words, thoughts or feelings on people who do not deserve it

If it is not conducive to your wellbeing - Cut it out

There is no need to test the water here - just jump right in!

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