WHY we are here

The Young Men's Social Club

SUP MOB is a movement. The journey begins in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham.

Recognising the numerous flaws in national health and government systems, it is clear that us men must look after ourselves, and support each other to overcome life's obstacles.

We create safe spaces for men, of all ages and backgrounds, to get together in the fight against stigma surrounding men's mental health and the heavily under-addressed national epidemic of male suicide. The time has come to dispel any myths around sexism in society, toxic masculinity and male stereotypes.

Our Progression Sessions allow us to talk safely about mental health, physical health, and the various situations that modern life throws at us. The sessions are confidential and supportive, run by us, for us. This gives us the opportunity to move in whatever direction we need, when needed, in order to tackle taboo subjects and discus life's difficulties that we face daily.


We have first hand experience and share life saving information to support our brothers going through tough times.

We all have mental health and it is imperative that we nurture it with the love and respect it needs to thrive.

Don't become a statistic - Join the Mob.

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