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WHO we are

Hi. I'm Bob. I have a problem with the Government, their System, and todays Society. Although, I have been "anti-establishment since the age of 2", Mum said. Maybe I already knew the truth.

There are blatant problems with the way this country is run and as a result there are some major flaws in the system, with undeserving individuals falling through the cracks far too often.

Societies ideals and toxic male stereotypes are ruining lives and dividing us daily.

Some of the big charities are not completely true to what they say they do and are wasting valuable time, loads of our money and donations, and a lot of their available resources.

Some are even destroying lives with severe consequences.

As with any large organisation, marketing your image is everything, and the hard and harsh facts are not often exposed.

Unfortunately the Charities Commission do not regulate registered charities regularly, allowing them to take complete liberties with their status and get away with it scot free.

The NHS and Mental Health Trusts are constantly banging on about a lack of funding, when really the issue lies with where the funds are going. Stop passing the buck!

I set up SUP MOB to combat these issues, as well as reducing suicide, isolation and the deterioration of mental health.

This is a project I am very passionate about.

I have volunteered with various charities and community projects, and I engage with local services, steering groups and CCG (NHS planning and commissioning) meetings. This has taught me a lot and my journey has revealed some heart breaking insights about the truth.

The idea of setting up SUP MOB came to me in November 2015 when 2 (unrelated) local people I knew took their own lives, only a day apart. I instantly conducted various researches into facts, statistics and services surrounding men's mental health, which is when I realised the serious lack of support for young men - even though we are the most at risk of suicide.

Men are less likely to talk about their thoughts and feelings due to toxic masculinity, male stereotypes and a lack of good support.

Talking about suicide does not increase the risk of suicide.

Suffering in silence does.

focuses on
Personal Development
Community Engagement

- In the UK -

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50

Males are 3 times more likely to take their own lives than females

A male dies by suicide every 2 hours

If you are a man under 50 the most likely thing to kill you - is you

Don't become a statistic.

Get the right help, at the right time, from the right source.

We are all unique.

Find what works for you, when you are ready.

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